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elite pheromone technology N ° 9 BASK

gives you the power to:
captivate * charm * enchant
entice * seduce * fascinate * lure
control * desire * engage * lust
trust * attract * love

Pheromones For Man pheromone colognes were created for men who know what they want and will never take no for an answer.  N ° 9 BASK pheromone colognes are a revolutionary breakthrough in the science of pheromone technology. Pheromones For Man pheromone cologne is 99% pure human sexual pheromones. The strongest and highest concentration ever made. Odorless and undetectable. Pheromones For Man pheromone cologne creates an enticing and intense sexual attraction towards the opposite sex due to the high level of purity, potency and perfection. There is nothing finer. To be used sparingly.